The Strange Events of the Garrett Estate: June 13

From the journal of Wallace Knowles, a loyal staff member on grounds of the Garrett Estate.  He lived on the estate with four others employed by the owner of the property, Lady Edith Garrett.  Wallace was head of the staff.  He kept a journal during his time at the estate.  Here is the entry where the strange events started occurring:

June 13 –

I thought today would be a day like most.  I presented the staff with the duties for the day on the estate.  Maggie was in charge of preparing the meals for the day, but since Lady Garrett asked for her assistance regarding her wardrobe for the day, I offered to go into town to pick up the few items we did not have in our own garden or pantry necessary for dinner.  Upon returning I found Maggie cleaning the kitchen.  I asked her if the Lady no longer needed her assistance and she replied, “Lady Garrett got furious all of a sudden and verbally forced me from her chamber.”  I found that to be very odd, for the Lady never used her authority to demean her staff.  Curious as to her condition, I went to the door of the Lady’s chamber and knocked.  No answer.  Again, I calmly rapped on the door.  Nothing.  I took the master key from my front jacket pocket and unlocked the Lady’s door, because I had grown concerned.  When I opened the door, I found Lady Garrett collapsed on the wooden floor by her bed.  I yelled for help from the rest of the staff and rushed to her.  “Lady Garrett,” I urged as I knelt beside her and tried to awaken her.  By the time the rest of the staff arrived, she had stirred and was sitting up with a damp cloth pressed against her pale forehead.  When I asked her what happened, she seemed unsure, but that it almost seemed like a waking dream.  She thought she had seen a ghost – being a curious person, I must find out more.  I was hesitant to question her anymore today.  The ladies on staff took care of her the remainder of the day and she stayed in bed to rest.  But certainly she did NOT see a ghost, I think.  But some sort of hallucination certainly occurred.


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