The Strange Events of the Garrett Estate: June 27

Another entry from the journal of Wallace Knowles:

June 27 –

Night has spread its dark hand over the sky and quiet has settled throughout the house. Lady Garrett and the staff have retired to their chambers for the night. I am feeling restless tonight, I cannot relax. There is something strange going on here at the estate. I had initially thought the episode of Lady Garrett’s fainting was nothing more than that. A single episode. However, after today, I’m starting to think otherwise. One of the servant girls on staff went to ask the Lady a question and when she got to the door, she heard Lady Garrett talking to someone. Initially she thought perhaps the other person was a man, since she couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation as lower voices often do not penetrate closed doors as higher voices do. Taking a chance of being caught, she held her ear closer to the door out of curiosity. She still only heard Lady Garrett’s voice. The servant girl quickly left to tell Elise, the head maid. Of course Elise, being my subordinate, laid out the sequence of events to me. In my haste, I was caught up by the desire to confront the situation head on with Lady Garrett. However, I took a step back from the situation to think things through. I suggested that we keep a close watch on our employer to if the strange events would continue to manifest themselves further. If so, we would need to consult the doctor of Lady Garrett’s condition.


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