The Strange Events of the Garrett Estate: June 30

Another entry from the journal of Wallace Knowles.

The past few days have been quiet.  Lady Garrett seems back to her old ways.  She busies herself with her own interests of reading, pruning some of her own special garden flowers, and checking on the maids of the house.  Her and I have had brief, but quality conversations regarding matters of the estate.  As always, I tell her everything is in order, because, to the best of my knowledge, it is in order.  However, today a strange occurrence happened to me while I was in town.  I had what seemed like a dozen errands to run, one of which took me to a small specialty store in town, known for selling herbs for cooking.  The shop keeper made polite conversation with me about the current events of the town and he asked me how Lady Garrett has been.  I replied that she was doing fine, despite a mysterious series of recent episodes that befell her.  His response roused quite a curiosity in me.  He said, “With what that poor woman has been through, I’m surprised she manages to make it through the day at all.”  What on earth could he mean?  I had far too much to do today to look further into this, but I am hoping I will find some answers in the coming days.  It seems there is more below the surface of Lady Garrett than appears.


3 responses to “The Strange Events of the Garrett Estate: June 30

  1. If you don’t add more to this soon, I’m going to start finishing it in the replies. And I can assure you that won’t end well.
    But anyway, no pressure.

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